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My Game so far...

2008-07-14 06:00:47 by Morningdeath

Here is an update for my Marble game. The game now saves so if you come back later it will remember where your up to...
Removed link because of people taking swf
I need people to beta Test the game soon when it is finished so just comment below and I will add you to my list.
Aprox 3 more weeks till the game will be out for testing.

Also need some good ideas for backgrounds and maybe even a background artist.

My working progress Game

2008-07-06 00:22:56 by Morningdeath

Here is a game I am working on. It will eventually feature 25 lvls and many powerups. It is called the marble game. I have made 7 lvls but it is a working progress. Have some fun on it and reply if u find any bugs. When U get to the lvl that doesn't let u any further...Thats where I have finished.

The Marble Game (so far)

Leave comments and tell me if you find ny bugs in the actual lvls cause they should be perfect....




2008-06-01 04:16:52 by Morningdeath

I hate exams. They make, making flash impossible!!!!
Expect a flash from me after the holidays. (I will release it when I a sure it wil get 3.5 up)

not very well....but it is a start


Making a cool flash

2008-05-11 04:56:17 by Morningdeath

This flash is a rip off Billys balloon on youtube but I really want to make it something.

Sort of an animation test.

Coming soon....Billy's balloon

The orangebox collab

2008-04-01 08:43:30 by Morningdeath

This is the best collab I have gotten myself into. Hopefully I will get co authered cause lots of people are doing it. This collab takes about 6 hours of work every day and it is quite intense. Why am I writing this anyway. Who will read it.

If you do read this then join the orangebox collab.