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Making a cool flash

2008-05-11 04:56:17 by Morningdeath

This flash is a rip off Billys balloon on youtube but I really want to make it something.

Sort of an animation test.

Coming soon....Billy's balloon


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2008-05-11 07:50:27

ive never heard of it but make it a good one

Morningdeath responds:

I am trying hard to make it good. Finding the perfect sound fx


2008-05-15 22:55:51

by the by, check your pms, please. btw, nice picture.

Morningdeath responds:

I do check my pm's every day


2008-05-15 22:56:49

hehe. your a brit/canadian. dont hide it. :D

Morningdeath responds:

I am ausi

live in vic


2008-05-19 16:21:09

I wish you luck in this endeavour! :)