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Entry #1

The orangebox collab

2008-04-01 08:43:30 by Morningdeath

This is the best collab I have gotten myself into. Hopefully I will get co authered cause lots of people are doing it. This collab takes about 6 hours of work every day and it is quite intense. Why am I writing this anyway. Who will read it.

If you do read this then join the orangebox collab.


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2008-04-01 08:48:20

good luck with that.

Morningdeath responds:



2008-04-02 07:44:08

yay for orange boxes ^_^

(Updated ) Morningdeath responds:

wow...u went in my't wait to see your done menu.


2008-04-03 08:18:49

go orange box collabh!

(Updated ) Morningdeath responds:

YE GO ORANGE BOX....I see some people have been looking at my stuff to see if I am good enough lol...Shame I havn't made any long solo flashes.
CAn't wait to see your part in the collab


2008-04-06 02:26:37

ya i was just bored and figured i would see some of the stuff people had on their userpage.

I wish moer people would go on mine tho :(

Morningdeath responds:

I went on yours :>


2008-04-17 05:47:55

The orange boxes are almost finished ^_^ hopefully I can put it together soon.

Morningdeath responds: