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My working progress Game

2008-07-06 00:22:56 by Morningdeath

Here is a game I am working on. It will eventually feature 25 lvls and many powerups. It is called the marble game. I have made 7 lvls but it is a working progress. Have some fun on it and reply if u find any bugs. When U get to the lvl that doesn't let u any further...Thats where I have finished.

The Marble Game (so far)

Leave comments and tell me if you find ny bugs in the actual lvls cause they should be perfect....




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2008-07-06 12:03:59

This looks pretty cool. Didn't find any bugs in it. Though you should work on a background too. Maybe if there were some spots that were like magnetic and pulled the marble closer to it. That would give it some more challenge to it.

Morningdeath responds:

thanks...I actually didn't think of that. I'll put that in a later lvl